In the early 1990's

Micky Sharpz-one of England's premier tattoo artists-retired from tattooing and became one of the worlds top machine builders. Sharpz was born in the 1950s in Wales where he grew up. He became a professional tattoo artist in the early 1970's and established shops in both Wales and England. He was one of the young tattooers responsible for bringing England into the modern tattoo era much in the same way Ed Hardy did for the United States.

Likely one of the most famous machine builders since Paul Rogers, Micky Sharpz irons are known and coveted worldwide. Sharpz started building machines in Birmingham, England. first for himself and later for friends. He strives to produce machines of the utmost quality. We guarantee that all Micky Sharpz machines are still hand built in Birmingham, England. In fact, Micky Sharpz Supplies, Ltd. welcomes visitors from around the world to visit their workshop in Birmingham.

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